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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Max factor Color elixir lipsticks:Eternal flame :Rosewood

Hey my lovely readers,

Today I bring to you swatches and review of one of the underdogs in my lipstick collection.

I some how always believed In MAX FACTOR as abrand that was the reason probably I bought these lipsticks but i never really used them compared to other brands Lately I am using them and loving them tonnes.

PACKAGING : Lipsticks have beautiful gold packaging . The small glass base just gives the hint of the colour  of the lipstick.Also The way the graphics of MAX are made on the cover gives them an edge and they show like luxury lipsticks
 I bought two pretty shade Rosewood and Eternal flame:

The Dashing Duo

How they look on me?

Eternal flame on me
 Rose wood looks on me

Price:750 INR

Review: I am loving them a lot The formulation just amazing and has good stay, moisturising and not drying at all.

Rosewood is a beautiful neautral shade. Amazing for those looking to build up their nude collection!

Eternal flame is pinkinsh peach shade perfect for skins of yellow undertones.

I hope you liked the review!
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Stay beautiful

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maybelline Colorsensation High Shine:lacquered Brown 850

Hey my lipstick lover readers,

Its easy to guess what I have for you today just because the way I started up the blog.

Well! Putting open already known surprise is a swatch of my favorite lipstick from Maybelline Color Sensation range!

Maybelline Colorsensation High Shine:lacquered Brown 850

I am in love with the colorsensation range of maybelline so might be many of you and this shade bringsforth the reason behind this unanimous love for maybelline.

Packaging is steel like reflecting glass.Quite catchy and somehow unique.I love the way the tube stands on the podium once the lipstick is opened.


How It looks on me?

How it feels?
It somehows feels moisturising and not at all bleeding.Just stays there if handled sanely.Amazing buttery texture!!

Price:    400INR
Review: I strongly suggest that every Indian girl should have this amazing shade.It is just for us.

Dupe: Its an ideal dupe for Clinique black plum long lipstick.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


By now you all must be well acquainted about me wholesomely and truesomely obsessed with lip stuff.

I just can't get the kind of gratification I get after buying a lip product for myself.

AND .....latest addition to my make up collection is Revlon just bitten lip balm stain.

I bought myself Smitten eprise..Quiet unusual shade but I really love it.

Packaging is pencil type and revolving from behind. It is somehow imitation of Clinique's chubby sticks.

Comparision between the two is next on my blog(I know ..I know;;;)

Going Ahead .........This is how it looks on my lips.

Yes it do stain lips effortlessly!! Non drying Which is problem with many stain like lippers rather it is moisturising  I will say..

It stains lips and stays on for good number of hours!!

Price 600 INR

I am eyeing on shade HONEY,,,Ha Me and my addictions...will swatch it once I will have it!!

Till then love you guys tonnes.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Macademia Hair Care Range:Review


Yes its going to be a review on Macadamia Hair care!!

As much as you all I also wanted to have these beautiful foresty green brown bottles by my side and on my birthday feb 2013 I managed to celebrate my penchant for it.

Now I own them and almost obsessed them so much so that I don't forget to comb my hair at least thrice a day with the special comb infused with goodness of macadamia oil..

As you can see this was the box in which all the four products I bought were placed decently in thick plastic shelf hollowed out to place the bottles and comb nicely.

TECHNICALLY It is enriched with goodness of essential fatty acids which nourishes hair


  1. MACADAMIA SHAMPOO: Packaging super amazing. It is in toughened plastic bottle which is not easily squeezable and actually there is no need to squeeze because it comes with pump dispenser.Shampoo has no parabens and no sulphates and is colour safe. The one I got is the Rejuvenating shampoo. On my hair its very soft and gentle and trust me Its the best shampoo I ever hit on in my entire life
  2. MACADAMIA HAIR OIL TREATMENT: Again the superb packaging. Its a glass bottle equipped with pump mechanism.Usually one pump is enough for the shoulder length hair as I have. Argan oil adds a delicate fragrance and oil sets so light in hair. It makes my hair so soft and silky . I am super wowed by this oil.In my video I have explained How I wear it for styling and in general . Take a look if you want to know more!!
  3. MACADAMIA DEEP HAIR MASQUE: Its actually a rescue for your drying dead never happy hair.It just quenches them from within and is a treatment in itself. For my hair already used it thrice and still much left for another two uses. Loving it tremendously.
  4. MACADAMIA COMB: the comb is itself infused with the goodness of academia oil. Isn't it seems like something Cleopatra might have used as one of beauty secrets. 

But Finally now secret is out for all of us to have gorgeous shiny hair too!!

BOUGHT: I bought this entire thing from Bath and unwind.

We bought lot of stuff so the entire package was delivered in two separate parcels. First parcel reached us well on time and tracking number was provided so we precisely knew everything about the parcel. Reached well in time.
For the second parcel there was some sort of confusion,For once we left the hope of ever receiving it because the tracking number provided was showing delivered while we never even had a glimpse of its whereabouts. Perplexed!! We reminded them .They attended us ,gave us the new tracking number and we could trace the stuff now and by now for us it fell in the category of late delivery.

I received a written message from my post man on ragged paper in my house letter box..about the parcel lying in the post office.
Reading his message was challenging and I didn't even knew who wrote it:-))

Well as I was waiting for the parcel to arrive I dropped in post office by my guts. There head post master said we were just sending it back. (Alright!! That was me but...)
I stayed did the signing part and then the bomb blasted ...He said collect it only after paying 700 Rs.
It was not about the money..But the question was for what??
No explanation was given ...There was this yellow crumpled paper over the parcel saying pay rs 700 !!

We just assumed it to be customs..Got it retrieved!!

We emailed Bath and Unwind. Reply was prompt and full of concern.But they have some mentions in the shipping to India which we took lightly or believed that nothing will happen to us.

I hope this post will be useful to all of you!!

See u soon with more reviews till then
Stay beautiful

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clinique High Impact mascara

Clinique High Impact mascara

Sorry guys I know I can be irritating at times BECAUSE  by the time I finish my post I usually say that I cannot write the price because that was a gift.

Ha !! well for this one laso I stand by the same old decayed yet true explanation THAT it was a gift!!!!

Everybody in friends and family are aware of my passionate love for beauty makeup and fashion so everybody tries to perk up my gifts by adding something from make up for sure.

Again going with the texture of the topic as such CLINIQUE (Ist) is one of my favorite brand as far as the skincare is concerned.

And for makeup definitely this mascara has raised my level of confidence in this brand.

The mascara I got was one of the five products that came as a gift to me in that typical Clinique floral bag.

HIGH IMPACT(as we go) It is huge impact mascara for sure.

It does not irritate my eyes at all.

It somehow doesn't flake also. Its quiet breathable on eyes and gives good lift to lashes.

I am loving it big time.

Check out How the Wand looks:

Keep following for more reviews and swatches!!
Much love

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Estee lauder Lash multiplying Volume mascara

Hey my friends,

I have a Secret!!
 Yes While I was growing up I hated mascaras. I never liked them .may be my eyes were very sensitive to the kind of formulations we used to have at that time but finally with access to Mascara of international quality I have started liking them big time.

I swear by mascaras now.Ohh!! What a dimension they add to my eyes amazing and unparalleled.

I almost always use eye curler before applying mascara.

Ugghh!! I can ramble on masacaras for moving on to superstar of today


PACKAGING is meshed golden packaging, It is longer than most of the mascaras.

WAND is big and very easy to use.

FORMULATION is super light weight. Gives good length and is wearable. It is absolutely non itchy and non irritating for me.

Go ahead for buying this if you are looking for the best mascara for your self!!

Stay beautiful

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Favorites 2013 - Hair care/ Skin care / Make up

Monday, March 4, 2013

February Favorites 2013

Estee lauder Long lasting Lip colour

Hey my beautiful buddies,

Here on I am on full swing to share with you guys few of the estee lauder goodies that I own but foremost I will love to share my THE FAVORITE lipstick of the entire EL Collection and it is

Darn.....Wish I could add some bollywood sounds marking the entry of my this month hero ...well with applauds it is...


LOOKS;Amazing golden tube like packing. Just shines out of all.Standard lipstick size and feels like grasping royalty while holding it just because of the rich golden colour.


Shade is too perfect for Indian skin.It has kind of copperish under tones with a hint of shimmer throughout.
Shimmer adds three dimensional effect and makes lips look fuller and gorgeous. perfect to wear on a summer tan face also.

Loving it ,...
and Yes I don't know for how much is this one as it was a gift from someone special who was kindda pampering me and I do not have Estee Lauder counter in my city as well.

This is it guys..

February Favorites - 2013

Keep following me as its lot more to come

Loreal colour riche Swatches Crazy Fuschia:Rose velvet

I am a lippie person and I strictly have no idea of where I should define the limits of my indulgence.
And when I share my addiction with you It somehow gives me kind of association rush ( more or less)

Well going ahead with the theme indulgence I bought myself these two amazing lipsticks from one of my favorite brand Loreal.

I bought Crazy fuschia and Rose velvet.
I am really banking on these shades for the spring.

Packaging is Standard gold packaging.

Here are the swatches for you..

Price: 825INR

Keep following me for more ...As there is lot more to come!!
Much love

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Loreal 6hr glam shine lip gloss swatch

Hey my beautiful friends
Here I come for you with the latest launch of loreal lip glosses swatches.
Formulation is super wearable and stays on for a while though not exactly for 6hrs (odes to my frequent coffee binge).
Almost all the colours have shimmer but not the gritty kind. Lip gloss is breathable and super moisturising.
I laid my hands on mauve and they are addictive. Has to buy one more...

Add caption
501 Purple obsesion
114 Tempting pink
301 Cinnamon addict
307 Infinite desert
004 Immortal pearl
209 Irrestible grape
112 Keep sweet
From left to right in that very order
I am wearing shade mauve here!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Velvette box February+Review of ALL 3 Boxes