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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Haul time...details

Products mentioned in my video..
1. Khadi aloe vera face gel
2. Khadi aloe vera glycerine soap.
3. Himalaya baby wipes.
4. Himalaya fruit face pack.
5. Biotique peppermint lip balm.
6. loreal million lashes mascara.
7. loreal carbon gloss eye liner.
8 Loreal lipstick in burning  rose.
9 Vedic line fig and honey hand moisturiser.
I0 BEYU light and mirror lip gloss.
    I will soon be uploading my reviews and detailing if some of these products which I might like.
You can comment if you want me to review something especially for you.
Thanks guys
Stay beautiful

Sally Hansen One minute Pedicure

Hey everyone...
Guys you won't believe Throughout my life till now and may be after I have had the most thirsty feet!!!.
My whole body has changed in their habits but my feet is the only part which is getting dry day by day. I see to fail always to quench their fathomless dryness. And in my attempt to find something which can help me I laid my hands on SALLY HANSEN"S PEDICURE IN A MINUTE.
It looks like

It says

How to use ?
You can massage it onto the wet as well as dry skin. for more exfoliation it is better if you use it on dry skin
How well it worked for me?
Ok guys let me be honest.
1.This is no good than other oil based scrubs which are normally marketed as body scrubs available in the market.
2 The scrubbing or as better said the exfoliation part is taken care by the granules inside which are not as miraculous as it claims to be or looks like to on one go.
3Definitely it hydrates but I can prepare the same recipe at home by dissolving sugar crystals in lemon water and honey too.
4 Its pricing is another repulsive factor .
        So in nutshell Its a thumb down for me. It just failed to meet my expectations.
Rating 2.5/5
Price 775 rs(way too much)
Quantity 113g
It is never going to visit my shelf again.

VLCC Insta glow herbal bleach

Hi friends
Somehow bleaching skin for beauty is the part of enhancing beauty since the times of Cleopatra .We all bleach for different reasons but most of us bleach for facial hair.There are many do and don'ts associated with bleaching your face.
I use vlcc insta glow herbal bleach to get rid of the tan on my face plus I have some fine hair on my sidelock region which are so fine that I don't want to start with hair removal process for that area as bleach gives me enough coverage.
I love this herbal bleach . The word Herbal written on the packaging and it comes from the reputed VLCC brand which somehow manages to guard your fears about putting chemicals on your face.(at least in my case!!)
It says...


It looks like

It comes with
1. Bleach cream.
2. Activator
3. Post bleach soothing pack.
4. Spatula

It comes in different sizes. you can choose whatever fits you well.
It has clear instructions written outside the box telling the do's and don'ts of the entire process.

I give it 10 on 10.
I  will soon be uploading FAQ'S of how to bleach your face om you tube channel.
Subscribe to  my channel to stay tuned..

Friday, September 7, 2012

NYX Champagne and caviar

Hey friends,
            As well indicated by the title of the blog I am making my attempt on

 Champagne and Caviar Runway Collection Palette         from NYX
When I was browsing internet I found that already lot has written about it to the extent that it's a dupe for the most coveted NAKED palette too.
I wish I could ever do the comparision too but as of now I don't have Naked palette so I go on with my rendezvous with this amazing palette.
It comes with 10 beautiful colours all neutral or variants of brown colour.
It is available at good discounted price online.
Soon I will be uploading videos on my channel at youtube  for looks that can be arrived using this amazing palette.
Do subscribe to my channel for checking the videos.
I give 4.8 out of 5 to this palette.
It might have qualified for 5/5 but I have still to review naked palette ;-)
It is the mixed blend of sheer and matte finish colours.
In the top row from left shades 1,4and 5 are sheer shimmer rest matte whereas in the bottom rowshades 2and 4 from left.
Go ahead if you are eyeing this's worth it!!