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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saheli Innovations:Thread It / A Perfect Tool For Hair Removal at Home

Hey Girlies,

One of my video which fall in" How to " series has been published today on my Youtube channel. I will not beat the bush and will pounce on the topic today directly.(Offlate I am babbling a lot!!)

Thread it Solutions

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          This is the tool which is a convenient alternative to pluck out facial hair at home.Thread it                unlike its name has no thread rather a metallic coil which pluck out here in a row like thread.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hey lippy addicts,

Lipsticks are my favorite part of the makeup.I am a lipperoholic crusted on earth to be wooed by these gadgets adding hues to our pouts.I was voodooed by the  MAC's very famous "The Woo's".I was somehow was inclined to buy RiRi Woo Because

1.That goes as cult for Rihanna Fans
2.My name starts from R and there is a BIG R on packaging.
3 It was limited edition
4.Rose Gold packaging
5And the huge hulabloo!!

But RiRi Woo vanished from the stores like an apparition and I was ruthlessly disappointed to find out that they are sold out much before I landed to buy one.Because I was craving to buy one I satiated myself and bought Ruby Woo!!(atleast some shop-mac-pleasure was infused inside!!)

Then as many of you know I went to Singapore in end of March. There at Delhi duty free I spotted MAC RiRi Woo.Voila!! The impulsive shopper occupied me and without giving any second thought I jumped and bought it. The gush in my heart was audible and the flush on my face made it palpable that I was exhilarated.

So here is everything about RiRi Woo and BONUS Comparision with Ruby Woo. Continue Reading

Friday, April 25, 2014

New Launches By Lakme April -2014

Hi Beauties,

This has been for the first time that I am doing two posts in a day. But I am really excited to share this one as its going to be first of its kind on my blog ever.
So Here are the New Launches by Lakme Under summer 2014.I absolutely love Lakme.Lakme keeps unfolding and expanding their skincare and makeup range.This time they have come up with Gloss skincare and makeup goodies.
Image By Lakme India

I am super duper excited to try this. It seems like a new concept for summers. Hydration and Gloss!!Gloss in skincare is totally unheard of for summers.Lets see what lakme has for us in this  Pandora potli  for us this time!!


Lakme Absolute gloss addict are priced around 800INR. I am curious to know how well these lipstick like packaged goodies will work as indicated by the name? The Gloss!!!

Have you already bought anyone of these or which one you are eyeing on?Let me know..

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 Hi Everyone...
I was planning to film this video since quite a while but my busy schedule kept me postponing it.I always knew that this gonna be a longer video so I wanted  plenty of time in my hands before filming it.

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This Bag was a  part of gift range issued by Estee Lauder way back in 2012.(Let me know if you want to see original contents of the bag).It also had a small pouch alongwith of same texture and print whichis misplaced in my home itself ! I used to keep my cards and some cash.I will update it on my instagram once found.

Rest I wish that you all may enjoy watching my video on youtube.You can comment "haul"

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

LAKME CC CREAM:Your own Skin Stylist

Hey  Barbies,

With the whole lot of BB Creams and CC creams hitting on Indian Market it is no less than a conundrum to choose the perfect one for yourself. Long back on my Youtube channel I did a video on four BB creams.Not much later we started spotting CC Creams on beauty shelves.Honestly I have not tried any other CC cream other than the one I am blogging about today.


I love lakme as a brand. Lakme has evolved a lot with changing times and every new product that is launched shoulders efficacy and appeal at International level.

LAKME CC CREAM:Your own Skin Stylist : Lakme CC cream stands for Lakme Complexion Care.
lakme CC cream
Lakme CC Cream:Your own skin stylist

I have been using this since last one and a half month( I featured it in one of my haul video).Since then I get so many amiable compliments and a curious smile asking "What the hell you are wearing these days?".
I feel so good(obvious compliments make us happy).More or less my immense satisfaction lies in the fact that it brings instant brightness to my face with a difference!!

Verity /Claims

  • SKINCARE+MAKEUP  :   3.5/5
  • CONCEALS                     :   2.5/5
  • BRIGHTENS                   :   5/5
  • MOISTURISE                  :  4/5
  • REFRESHES                    :  5/5
SHADES: Bronze and Beige.
        This is honestly a turn off as you can come back home either with incorrect colour shade or disappointing yourself with practically no shade to buy for yourself.
PRICE: 250 INR for 30 ml.

Consistency: Its consistency is somewhere between thick to liquid.Formula is workable.It just melts on my face and show itself up by giving uniformity which makes it an ideal makeup base.

After Blending ------>


This is how it look on my skin.I took shade bronze and I am NC42.I have not powdered my face and I am not wearing concealer.
I am wearing lakme skin stylist!!
This must be helpful to you I believe.
See you soon.

 Check my video on Maybelline BB stick..and Subscribe!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How I do My Home Facial Peel?

Hey everyone,

I was Instagramming this Face pack couple of days ago. I shared it with you guys on my Google plus and Facebook page also.Somehow it is one of the few products that I am never get tired off using.It manages to stay with me always though there are temporary periods of  my ever increasing forgetfullness for my favorites.

But time and again I keep rediscovering this !!
Here in this video I have tried showing you how to apply it? Also I shared few tips and precautions of using peel off masks.
Freeman's Cucumber Peel off Mask

The most rewarding result of filming this video was that I was able to show you instant brightness it gave to my face.(Atleast I could see that!! )

I hope it will be fun watching this video!! Also if you want to read more about the mask click here As I have already blogged about this mask!!

Love you all..
Wish you all are peeled away from your worries and stresses!!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DIY;Enriched Hair Oil Recipe

Hi Fairies

I am facing hair fall since last few months. Trust me its one of that worst situation to be caught in when nothing seems to work.I am laying stress on what I am eating because beauty comes from within. Along with it I am running from pillar to post to do Good nutritional Hair treatments at home also.

This recipe which I am going to share with you is an outcome of this effort and fortunately it is working for me. I am sharing this recipe with you in this video.I hope you will enjoy watching it!

Fenugreek Benefits

It acts as potent scalp cleanser.I am prone to develop dandruff in winters and at times my scalp tends to get itchy.Both these situations are taken care off by this oil recipe.

My hair fall is reduced since I am using this.

This is something I document.Well on internet if you google you will be able to find tonnes of benefits of Fenugreek/Methi.I am mentioning here the areas where it has worked for me.

Or May be if fortunate enough I may edit this post in months to come if I see some more benefits as said Like New hair growth and blackening effect on hair.

I hope this will work well for you also.

Stay beautiful