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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hi my beautiful friends,
I was longing for doing some great make up videos and reviews for long but life in general was keeping me busy. I was tightfisted for my time.But thenJust working with my daily schedule I discovered this look which kept on getting better till the end of the day.
I will tell you how it actually happened before I start with the discussion!!!

I kept smudging the shadows throughout the day( unknowingly though )and the effect was so beautiful by the end of the day that the look managed to be on my blog.
I wasb not hoping to make a tutorial on this so I really don't have the steps photographs but yeah!!I clicked some pic's by the end of the day when I realised that it was worth sharing.
This is the look .
I used
Colorbar's shade 02
Loreal Khol minerals.
Eye primer Beyu
Eyeshadow brushes.
I rarely use mascara because I am prone to eye allergies especially with mascara. 

 I started with my eye base. 

My next step was to define the outermost corner of my eyelid using the angular brush that comes along with the khol packaging.I am trying to show that using my paint book as I didn't intend to do a tutorial on this.

I used colorbar eye shadow from the inner corner of my eye towards the inner end of the black khol and then smudged the entire look from outward inward maintaining high intensity of golden shade on the inner corner.
For the kohl watch out for the fall out.
Plus point
It proves as the handy eyeliner.khol, eye shadow and come swith the angular brush!!!

 This eye shadow is very pigmented.
Negligible fall outs.
Amazing colour for the day and evenings as well.

This is how it looked with my eyes opened. 

This is how it looks with my eyes closed.
you can team it up with eyeliner and mascara.
Just to keep it light on my eyes I refrained using both.
Try the look !!
Stay Beautiful

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I love lakme

Hello Girls,
We love Lakme. Isn't it?
Well lakme always surprise me. I remember to the latest when I thought that Its not working anymore Lakme manages to apall me with intersting cosmetics in skin care and make up as well.
As about for now I am in love with two of the Sabyasaschi lipcolours. They are so rich and give beautiful depth to my lips.They blend so well with my routine dresses comprising of lots of maroons, goldens, reds, browns, mahogany greens, olive greens.
N411 is deep red maroonish colour and give that perfect pout for your wedding day.
N516 is shining brown. Very deep and neat colour.

My Favorite 3 Lakme enriched metallics shade no 419. It has same hue as that of N411 but has amazing golden sheen which lifts the entire look.
Again a perfect wear for all the newly wed brides and all your first functions after wedding.

And the duo range
Mosaic shade by suneet verma 407.
It has got lighter red combined with golden hue.
It is wow.
Blend the colour using the lip fillers and surprise yourself to this totally new colour.

Mosaic shade by ritu beri N113 My favorite fifth
It has the duo in my favorite pinks. Wear it as such with your fucshia , lime green outfits .

Stay beautiful

My Peachy Favorites spring 2012


Peach is my colour for 2012 spring?
I always believed that peach colour may not suit my skin tone but I was so wrong!
I am in absolute love with the colour now.
This spring calls for peach for me..
What is your colour for spring 2012?

My cucumber love

Freeman's cucumber peel off facial mask.It's an amazing luxurious peel off which tantalize your senses with its rich cucumber extracts aroma.It is practically no drip ,no mess peel off mask.
It dries off quite uniformly and makes a kind of grip which is strong enough to help you get rid off some unwanted facial hair too.
After removal even the residuues are minimal and easily comes off without getting sticky forever.
What more...?
It comes in a travel size pack also in case if you want to give a try before starting up with the full size pack
Caution: It is not a chemical peel as those of lactic acid peels and all.It is very natural way of detoxifying your skin of the the dead cells.
           Don't use it in your under eye area.It can be very harmful for that sensitive skin of eyes.
Full size tube comes in volume of 150ml priced for Rs 200.

how to use it
It is watery to gel consistency almost kind of any regular facewash we use. Just take small amount of it and apply evenly on the face in one direction. I usually prefer wearing it downwards.It dries in 20 to 30 minutes.let it dry completely befor peeling as here also patience pays.
I bought this from available in leading retail stores.
After peeling I tend to put some light moisturiser on my face and just lingers on wih cucumberic aroma fro rest of my day.
It makes me feel renewed and brighter fo sure

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My hair hey days

Hi My Friends,
Last year I have gone through lot as far as my crown beauty was concerned. Whatever I did was not enough.
My efforts were sapped by some unseen gravity.This continued for more than eight months. But then suddenly they started showing improvement.So I am here gonna share some self discovered tip for better hair. They' re not ultimate yet but still a great deal for all those who are seeking some head health.
My Magic wand has

This final bandwagon was out of lot of picking  failing, choosing and the vicious cycle which at once seemed fruitless and endless.But this permutation finally worked.
I started oiling my hair a night before washing.I am using parachute's coconut oil for oiling once and olive oil prior to my second wash

 Even though my hair are dry I fear not washing them twice a week.
My hair showed improvement.
Meanwhile My sister advised me using Himalaya anti dandruff hair cream. This is very light based cream to be left overnight before washing.I skipped oiling those is very lightly fragrant and aroma is very nice.Results take USP of this product far ahead. It also has anti dandruff properties.

I changed my shampoo and fortunately It worked for me.I have dry hair and very frizzy if not tamed by heat styling.
I am using The body shop's moisture shampoo and conditioner and you won't believe it worked wonder for me.I am so thankful to all the people in the chain from the girl in the body shop's store to my sister, and all the people in the chain who rescued me from the bad hair days.

Finally after washing my hair I just put serum by L'oreal at the hair ends.
     This all has lead me to brush my wow est hair ever and I am cherishing my scalp health and lot better crown crop.
Let me know how you maintain your hair.Do add your comments in the box below.
Stay beautiful

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boujois healthy mix foundation


Hi Everyone
I think each one of us know about this healthy foundation. So Bourjois has come up with the foundation which is healthy.Why it is called so? Because they say it allows skin to breathe without being suffocated for some fresh air.It has extracts of apricot which enhances radiation, melon for its hydration properties,apple as its is rich in anti oxidants and ginger to energise the whole appearance.As claimed by company it stays on for 16 long hours.
Product comes in the volume of 30ml and is readily available online as well in stores.
I liked this foundation too. I am no 53 beige clair. Before going forward to buy the entire full pack I visited one of the store and asked them for some samples so that I should know if I am going to like it or not.
I am using it daily as my foundation as he formulation is light weight, very blendable.
Coverage is not as intense but as I said its light weight makes it a must buy.
It's right there on my dressing table now and seems it's gonna be there till its better version replaces itself
They have come up with good range of shades. I am loving it.