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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My hair hey days

Hi My Friends,
Last year I have gone through lot as far as my crown beauty was concerned. Whatever I did was not enough.
My efforts were sapped by some unseen gravity.This continued for more than eight months. But then suddenly they started showing improvement.So I am here gonna share some self discovered tip for better hair. They' re not ultimate yet but still a great deal for all those who are seeking some head health.
My Magic wand has

This final bandwagon was out of lot of picking  failing, choosing and the vicious cycle which at once seemed fruitless and endless.But this permutation finally worked.
I started oiling my hair a night before washing.I am using parachute's coconut oil for oiling once and olive oil prior to my second wash

 Even though my hair are dry I fear not washing them twice a week.
My hair showed improvement.
Meanwhile My sister advised me using Himalaya anti dandruff hair cream. This is very light based cream to be left overnight before washing.I skipped oiling those is very lightly fragrant and aroma is very nice.Results take USP of this product far ahead. It also has anti dandruff properties.

I changed my shampoo and fortunately It worked for me.I have dry hair and very frizzy if not tamed by heat styling.
I am using The body shop's moisture shampoo and conditioner and you won't believe it worked wonder for me.I am so thankful to all the people in the chain from the girl in the body shop's store to my sister, and all the people in the chain who rescued me from the bad hair days.

Finally after washing my hair I just put serum by L'oreal at the hair ends.
     This all has lead me to brush my wow est hair ever and I am cherishing my scalp health and lot better crown crop.
Let me know how you maintain your hair.Do add your comments in the box below.
Stay beautiful

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