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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hi friends.
It was long since I was eyeing on these eye shadows I am going to talk about today.
They are the most happening Infallible eye shadows I ever came accross. I went to the cosmetic store in my city and just made up my mind to splurge on my desire of having atleast one of them.
I totally loved the way it has been packaged.It seems as if it is a pressed pigment.
Texture is vanilla smooth !!
It is so beautifully pigmented and makes the entire experience of doing an eye make up a treat!!
And as they say It makes skin feel like a velvet at once.
The store close to me just had
1.Forever pink
2. All night blue
3. Purple obsession
4 .Burning black( which is more of deep Auberigine)
5. Kaki (Olive green It's pretty but I have similar colour in some other brand)
6. Flashback Silver is the one I loved..
I am waiting for eternal black and hourglass to arrive there. I think I am gonna buy both of them.
Hourglass is beige like which can be worn daily and eternal black seems to be deep black for smokey eyes.
They have some neutral colour Eye shadow range also which is I think not available in India yet.

Now neither me nor my eye shadow is fallible...:-)
Will keep you posted on them if I could lay my hands on them..
See You

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