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Monday, May 14, 2012

Urban decay eye shadow SIN

Hi friends,

I just can't get over this Eye Shadow I bought.
   Annnnnnndd .....
It is Urban Decay's SIN eye shadow. I got it from America and it was part of family and friends sale by Sephora.When I saw it online I thought that it would be fun to have UD eye shadows but when I used it ..I was thrilled.
The colour of shadow is super rich and texture is super soft.
Though the colour looks browniish on swatches but I have seen pinkish hue coming from the shade after the application which makes it look so pretty and just out of the world.
So somebody going to visit america anytime soon should not miss on it.
Its an out of the world shade for these summers and more to come if they keep making it.

Bye guys..