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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sally Hansen One minute Pedicure

Hey everyone...
Guys you won't believe Throughout my life till now and may be after I have had the most thirsty feet!!!.
My whole body has changed in their habits but my feet is the only part which is getting dry day by day. I see to fail always to quench their fathomless dryness. And in my attempt to find something which can help me I laid my hands on SALLY HANSEN"S PEDICURE IN A MINUTE.
It looks like

It says

How to use ?
You can massage it onto the wet as well as dry skin. for more exfoliation it is better if you use it on dry skin
How well it worked for me?
Ok guys let me be honest.
1.This is no good than other oil based scrubs which are normally marketed as body scrubs available in the market.
2 The scrubbing or as better said the exfoliation part is taken care by the granules inside which are not as miraculous as it claims to be or looks like to on one go.
3Definitely it hydrates but I can prepare the same recipe at home by dissolving sugar crystals in lemon water and honey too.
4 Its pricing is another repulsive factor .
        So in nutshell Its a thumb down for me. It just failed to meet my expectations.
Rating 2.5/5
Price 775 rs(way too much)
Quantity 113g
It is never going to visit my shelf again.