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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saheli Innovations:Thread It / A Perfect Tool For Hair Removal at Home

Hey Girlies,

One of my video which fall in" How to " series has been published today on my Youtube channel. I will not beat the bush and will pounce on the topic today directly.(Offlate I am babbling a lot!!)

Thread it Solutions

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          This is the tool which is a convenient alternative to pluck out facial hair at home.Thread it                unlike its name has no thread rather a metallic coil which pluck out here in a row like thread.

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**My magic wand!!!! **

Packaging:  Super sleek,Pen like,tool comes with different vibrant stylish colors.

Shelf Life:   As per company 9-12 months.(I feel you are your own judge!!Because                 longevity depends on how much you use it,how well you store and how much dead skin you shed.I discarded my first within 2-3 months as it turned black and  stopped working completely)

Application   : Difficulty level is normal to medium because you need skill to pull hairs                                                          in a   specific direction.
Efficacy   :     Its a magic wand that cast the spell only when used with skill.You need to                                                    understand the fundamental of  direction of hairgrowth and rotating the spiral. Practice                                here makes you better .
Price   :   I got mine one for 99 INR. by some online deal.Marketing price these days  is  499INR.                                      
Compared           :Threading >Thread it>Plucking

Pain level             :Normal to Medium.Its not Painless!!

Tips                           : Use Talcum before for effective threading.Do senstivity test.

Limitations        :It can be used only in restricted areas of body. Though restricted I have                  mastered to use it to pluck hairs from the centre of my eyebrows.But Just my glabella!!Right!! I love breaking rules:-p.

Love Hate Doldrums

 I can not do my eyebrows! I will have to visit saloon to get them done as eyebrows play the most important role in giving shape to eyes and thereby face.So fails in saving a trip to parlour(wale aunty:-) ) . But It takes care of the bushy upperlip where the minisicule of hairs manage to show up as growing soup strainer.(Lolzzzzz)

Vanilla ratings :8/10

Watch my Youtube video with Thread it!!

I loved sharing this piece of bliss with you.Love you all.

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